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Welcome to My site!

Dear Guest,
     Thank you for visiting this website. My name is Maxim Shubin and I'm specialising in web design and development for various kinds of businesses. However, I am particularly interested to work on and have more experience with e-commerce sites. I currently reside in Brisbane, Australia and I conduct all my business from here. If you are interested in building a new web site please contact me and we can discuss your options in detail. My service page describes some of my knowledge and will give you an idea about what I can do for You.

Why work with me?

  1. Personal nature of business and direct contact with project manager
  2. Affordability
  3. Ongoing maintenance and consultation

Personal nature of business

    Direct contact with my clients and personalised service is important to me. I will be directly responsible for your project from start to finish and I will be communicating my progress to you, no third parties involved and no "broken phone" conversations will take place, as happens in many large companies. You will have one person to address all your questions and concerns, the person who is actually working on your project, and that is myself. I have a solid knowledge of Web Design Business and will be able to consult you about your online requirements, depending on the nature of business you have and taking into account your preferences and concerns. Customer satisfaction is at heart of my work, my mission and goals.


     Avoiding the massive overheads that large companies have to face I am able to reduce the expenses dramatically and this turns into a lower cost for my customer. I conduct all my business from home and I have total control of all my business management. This helps me to properly control what I work to achieve and that is full customer satisfaction.

Ongoing maintenance

    As any other good web design company, I will offer ongoing maintenance and support to my clients.